In September 2000, the Fresno Youth Care Homes Inc., a nonprofit corporation was established as a resource for teenagers in need of community placement and support due to abuse or neglect.  Our purpose is to serve the educational, vocational and therapeutic needs of at risk adolescents to build and strengthen relationships. Fresno Youth Care Homes, Inc. has become a source of care and emotional support for teenagers who are in need of community based care since its establishment wherein more than 165 teenager's lives have been touched forever.

The administration and staff are dedicated to the concept of providing the best possible care for clients.  This care surpasses the minimum requirements of the State and County regulations.  

"Our mission is to provide a structured and secure resource for public and/or private agencies to refer and place minors requiring out-of-home placement due to substance abuse, out of control behavior, chronic runaways, neglect, abandonment, or abuse in home by building healthy relationships and enriching growth".

Our first facility was opened in June 15, 2001, and our second facility was opened in March 15, 2006.

Our two facilities are located in Fresno county.  Each facility is licensed through the California State Community Care Licensing for 6 beds. However, currently we are only admitting a 4-5 clients per facility due to the program accommodating more challenging behaviors.  Both the homes are located in urban residential neighborhoods located near Fresno Unified School District and Central Unified School District.  

It is normal for adolescents to appear moody and uncommunicative.  They still need adults who care to be a part of there lives even though their words, body language and attitude may say something else.  We have been working with youth who have a history of violent behavior towards adults and peers, threats to harm others, self destruction as well as destruction of property.  Through patience, love and a genuine desire for success, Fresno Youth Care Homes, Inc.'s administration and staff have been able to establish relationships with youth that has endured longer than their placement.  Even when the discharge was negative, adolescents still have the desire to check in or call when in need of support.   

Gloreta Johnson (Visionary, CEO and Administrator)

My philosophy towards child care is based on 1 Thessalonians 5:11 from the Bible, "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing." (ESV)

My journey began assisting my mother care for her foster children.  My family recognized my desire to work with children of all ages so they referred me to Quality Group Home Foster Family Agency.  I knew what I was getting into because of the time I spent at my mother's house with her children but I had the desire to build relationships that would impact the lives of children.  I was hoping for younger children like all other foster parents.  However, God saw otherwise.  I was entrust with the care and supervision of teenagers.  

My interest towards child care motivated me to complete my Bachelors Degree in Child Development and gave me the opportunity to study the natural growth and development of children, which in turn gave me more understanding and patience.  I later went on to complete a Master's Degree in Christian Counseling which has equipped me better to build relationships and interact with challenging behaviors.  I have been working with children for more than 24 years now.  God is Good!  I continue to enjoy working with children especially those who are in need of emotional support.